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About us

The company was founded in 2002. Since the beginning, our top priority is Customer’s satisfaction. Thanks to innovation and reliability, we managed to enter foreign markets – known for high quality products. Professionalism, passion and experience of our long-term employees, makes it possible to fulfill the most complex Clients’ expectations.

We constantly develop and reach for latest technologies. Thanks to this, we are in a headlamp of PVC windows and doors manufacturers. Our Customers’ contentment is our best testimony.

Please feel free to check our product characteristics below.

We are here to make your vision come true!

Product Characteristics


Thermal insulation

Thanks to the latest technological solutions regarding glazing, used in our windows, namely: double-chamber glazing; using low-emission coatings; the use of appropriate noble gases filling the spaces between the panes, etc. – we are able to meet the high expectations related to obtaining the Ug parameter, even as low as at the level of 0.4 W/m2K. This allows production of large glazed areas, while maintaining maximum thermal insulation and limited energy consumption. As a consequence, our product guarantees high light transmittance and optimal illumination of the interior.

Our products can be used in the construction of passive and zero-energy houses.



In the spirit of Customer care, we select sound absorption parameters consistent with surrounding conditions, i.e busy road, railway station / airport proximity or attended playground in the close area.

We offer various options to improve sound insulation, such as: increasing of glass thickness, using laminated glass or double-chamber glazing system.
Such products can be used both in homes and non-residential buildings.
We find the best solutions to your individual needs.

Safety, anti-burglar protection

Our products are equipped with anti-burglary fittings, even in basic variants.
Fittings selection combined with glazing elements result in our products being able to provide anti-burglary protection, increasing Cusomer’s safety.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with WINKHAUS – world wide known fittings manufacturer, we ensure great comfort and safety for years.. The ALUPLAST profile systems we use allow us to obtain a product with increased durability. Experience gained throughout years enables us to produce big and heavy (single window sash weight up to 150 kg). Their aesthetic and representative appearance will fit into any interior. Bespoke sizes are our bread and butter!


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