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Garage doors

Durable construction – safe home.


Our garage doors combine modern design and aesthetics with practicality and comfort of use. The system provides a wide range of product configurations, allowing Customers to adjust the color, panel texture and other accessories to individual preferences.

Gate panels – thickness 40mm or 60 mm – are carefully filled with polyurethane foam which guarantees excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to thoughful design, our gates not only maintain heat but also ensure safety during use.

  • – They are made of PUR foam insulated segments with a height of 500mm / 610mm.;
  • – Segment walls are made of galvanized steel and polyester coated to top it up.
  • – Torsion spring design allows 15 000+ work cyclest;
  • – Gate control is available in manual and electromechanical variants.

Additional protection features:

  • – Finger-anti-jamming system
  • – Spring break protection


Types of gate panels

Woodgrain narrow

Smooth without embossing

Smooth wide

Smooth narrow

Panels – veneer colors

Anthrazit smooth

Anthrazit (wood grain)

Dark oak

Jet black (aludec)


Turner oak malt


Golden oak

Turner Oak Tofee

Panels – painted colors

Anthrazit (wood grain)

White smooth

White (wood grain)

Brown (wood grain)

Any RAL color

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