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Vents and handles

Window vents (diffusers)

These are devices installed in windows that bring outside air into the rooms in a continuous and controlled manner. They play an important role in proper air circulation inside the building. Even with tightly closed windows, the air vents allow fresh air to be supplied in an amount consistent with applicable regulations. The air vents operate maintenance-free and automatically. Their use guarantees comfort and a healthy indoor climate.

Our assortment includes:


Humidity-controlled vents

Used to supply rooms with fresh air depending on users’ needs. They are equipped with a hygrometer that controls the air flow depending on the humidity level in the room. They operate automatically, implementing the idea of energy-saving hygro-controlled ventilation, additionally stabilizing the humidity level in the rooms.


Pressure diffusers

Controlled by a pressure difference, they are used to supply a constant, appropriate amount of fresh air into the room. Automatic pressure control stabilizes the airflow efficiency, protects against excessive air exchange during cold and windy periods, and ensures comfortable, healthy indoor atmosphere.

Window and door handles


To meet all the needs of our customers, we offer a wide selection of window and door handles and fittings. We stock plenty of possible solutions to make each interior functional and safe – in a variety of colours.


Standard handles

With an built-in locking mechanism that prevents manipulation from the outside of the window. When you turn the handle, you hear a clear sound, which signals that the mechanism is working properly.



Available colours:


Handle with a button

Allows turning of the handle only after pressing the button. It is an excellent protection for families with small children, and additionally prevents opening the window from the outside.


Available colours:


Handle with a key

Turning the handle is possible provided that the key is inside. It is very good anti-burglary protection, also suitable for balcony and terrace doors.


Available colours:


Door handles and door handle-catches

It is distinguished by its elegant shape and is available in a wide range of colours. At the Customer’s request, it can be equipped with additional anti-burglary and child protection.


Available colours:


Door handrails

Prevent unscrewing from the outside.
The simple design works great in both modern and more traditional architecture


Available colours:

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