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Roller shutters

External roller shutter systems

The interior ambience plays an important role in our lives. Aluplast external roller shutter systems not only protect our homes but also significantly contribute to creating unique atmosphere inside.


Top mounted roller shutter


RNK/E roller shutters

They are a flexible solution with an inspection flap that can be opened from the front, bottom or outside of the box. Ideal for built-in installations and are adapted to various needs. This is the most developed system of overlay roller blinds.



RNK/XT roller shutters

Universal blinds designed for easy integration with the window. They have the option of an inspection cover that can be opened both from the front and from the bottom. The system is equipped with insulated sides and is fully compatible with all Aluplast profile systems and other window systems made of PVC, aluminum and wood, ensuring comprehensive adaptation to frames with a development depth of up to 90 mm. Additionally, the system meets all the requirements of the EnEV 2014 standard.



RNK/B roller shutters

Thoughtful RNK/B roller shutter system has been designed to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of users. They are easily adjustable to the individual Customer’s preferences and needs.



RNS roller shutters

A solution with an inspection flap that opens from the front of the box.



RNK/F roller blinds

Latest version, with facade blinds, is possible by means of enlarging the inspection flap and transfering the basic profile towards the room. The solution is intended for instalations from the inside and outside.


Adaptive roller shutters


RAK/E adaptive roller shutters

The adaptive roller shutter system, ideal for built-in use, is fully made of aluminum, which guarantees high-quality construction.




RAS adaptive roller shutters

The most popular adaptive roller blind system, made of bent metal sheet, is equipped with a 45-degree inspection flap, which allows easy access and maintenance.



RAR/R adaptive roller shutters

The adaptive roller shutter system made of bent metal sheet is distinguished by a rounded revision, which adds aesthetic appearance and functionality.


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