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Renovation profile

Renovation profile windows

Developed for the French and Italian markets

The renovation frame system enables the installation of windows without the need to dismantle existing casings. This is an innovative solution that uses special renovation frames with a masking profile surrounding the wooden casing and creating a characteristic band on the inside. Additionally, it is possible to use special enclosing profiles from the outside. Masking profiles come in various widths and can be cut accordingly to one’s needs.

Thanks to this solution, there is no need to dismantle old casings (no matter what material they are made of). Renovation frames have reduced height to not limit the glazing area when installed on an existing casing. Thanks to this approach, the risk of damaging building’s facade is minimalized, window replacement time is shortened and there is no need for repair or painting work after replacement is completed.

The renovation frame system is an innovative solution that allows for easy modernization of windows without engaging in time-consuming and expensive dismantling works. This is an ideal option for those who want to refresh the appearance of their windows. Replaced windows improve energy efficiency, while maintaining the aesthetics of the building’s facade.

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