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IDEAL 7000

IDEAL 7000

A new dimension of energy saving.

Modern architecture demands new standards not only technically but also functionally and aesthetically.

Continuously changing requirements for construction joinery and the growing expectations of Customers looking for energy-efficient windows and doors are trends that must be addressed.

Therefore, new products meet tightened regulations for thermal and acoustic insulation and protect against energy losses. Additionally, Customers are looking for solutions that will save them money over time, and enable contribution to enviromental protection.

IDEAL 7000 windows and doors are direct response to ever-changing demands, and combine desirable features.

Product characteristics:

Installation depth: 85 mm

Width of the frame/sash set: 119 mm

Maximum thickness of the glazing unit: 51 mm

Number of chambers: 6

Sealing system: external (2 seals)

Reinforcement system: steel

Heat transfer coefficient: Uf= 1,1 – 1,0 W/m2K

Wind resistance: C4*

Waterproof: 9A*

Air penetrability: 4*

Acoustic insulation with glazingt: 4/16/4 34(-2;-5)dB

Maximum acoustic insulation: 46(-1;-4)dB*

* the given values of functional properties are examples obtained in tests

Pure elegance in anthracite

The latest offer includes stylish windows and doors with anthracite core that are distinguished by style and modernity. These elegant solutions are in line with the latest trends, allowing creation of interesting constructions. If anthracite colour products are chosen, one can be sure that the entire product will be evenly filled with a deep shade of anthracite. Come and discover pure elegance in anthracite!

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