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PSK patio sliding door

PSK – High tightness of patio doors at an attractive price.

PSK / Patio parallel action sliding door – economical solution, perfect for small terrace entrances.


PSK / Patio is a solution constructed using standard window profiles. Thanks to a special fitting mechanism, the door sashes can be slided, allowing convenient opening and closing.

The process of opening PSK / Patio sliding doors is simple and intuitive. After turning the handle from the closed position, the door sash extends into the room, and then moves to the side. Additionally, the door sash has a tilt function, enabling ventilation when the door is closed.

Maximum dimensions of PSK door sashes are approximately 1600x2100mm or 1400x2300mm, which gives adequate flexibility in adapting to various opening sizes.



Installation depth: – 70-85mm depending on the system

Possible opening schemes: schema A, C and G

Max. dimensions of the movable leaf: 1600x2100mm or 1400x2300mm

Available in the following systems: IDEAL 4000, 7000 and 8000

Max. glazing depth: 41 – 51 mm, depending on the system

Application: Balcony, terrace




Convenient operation


When the handle is turned from the closed position, the door leaf moves into the room perpendicular to the window plane and then slides to the side. The door also has a tilt function.




Alternative to ordinary French balcony doors


PSK doors perfectly replace traditional construction of turn balcony doors, especially if we want to optimally use the space in the apartment.



Doors tailored to your requirements


This type of sliding door can be easily implemented in plenty Aluplast profile systems. The design allows for the use of various opening patterns, and is at affordable price.

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