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Smart-Slide: the terrace is more convenient than ever before.

Smart-slide system is an innovative solution in the field of sliding doors and windows, being certainly an attractive alternative to traditional PSK/PATIO patio doors.


This is a perfect solution for both residential and public buildings, where reliability of patio doors and the ease of use is priority. Thanks to studied combination of technical solutions, our Smart slide products achieve excellent results in tests regarding air permeability, wind resistance and waterproofness.


Test results confirm that Smart-slide doors provide excellent tightness and minimal energy loss. Their design allows for effective thermal insulation, which translates into energy savings and thermal comfort inside the rooms. The reliability of these doors makes them ready to withstand even the most demanding weather conditions.



Installation depth: 140 mm

Sash depth: 70 mm

Number of chambers: 5

Available opening schemes: schema A, C

Application: Balcony, terrace



Effective use of space


SMART-SLIDE is a perfect solution to save space inside the room. Opening these doors does not require opening of the sash, which traditionally take up a lot of space.



Spectacular glazing


SMART-SLIDE sliding doors enables creation of a glazed structure with dimensions of 5800 x 2400 mm in scheme C. The maximum dimensions of SMART-SLIDE sliding doors in scheme A are 4000 x 2400 mm in white and 3800 x 2300 in coloured. Possible door division can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.



More light


SMART SLIDE doors guarantee not only potential financial benefits and convenience of use, but also constitute an interesting proposition in terms of functional design. The door structure is characterized by a minimalist and slightly Scandinavian design. The fixed part of the door is made of exeptionally narrow profiles, which results in maximum use of the glazed surfaces and limits the visible frames. This solution meets Customers’ expectations and is consistent with current design trends of modern glazing – which seek to maximize the amount of available light and minimize structural elements.


Convenience of use


The innovative closing mechanism ensures simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in HST lift-and-slide doors. Specialized window fittings guarantee that the sash, after unlocking, moves freely and without the slightest resistance on trolleys relative to the non-opening part of the structure.


Perfect tightness


SMART-SLIDE achieves very good results in terms of air permeability, wind resistance and water tightness tests. This is mainly achieved by limiting the number of profiles used during production. As in the case of patio doors, the door frame is welded assuring comfort and stability.

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